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Collaborating with other experts

Balazs   in

Balazs Torok is a Webflow website designer,  Marketing Enthusiastic,  Digital Content Creator and Educator

Ashlee   in

Ashlee Sang is a Brand Messaging Strategist and Consultant equipping conscious and caring business owners to grow their impact and their revenue in alignment with their values

Zsuzsanna   in

Zsuzsanna Kliszek is a Marketing & Brand Strategist. Helping mature companies increase brand awareness and grow through strategy and marketing

Peter   in

Peter Kozari is a Web Developer creating interactive and engaging websites

Meet Your Brand Designer,


Lilla is a Strategic Brand Designer for brands that create social and environmental impact. She helps vision-driven business owners to gain clarity about their brand and bring their vision to life so they can create impact and change in their industry.

She is the creator of the ‘Brand your Vision’ Method where she helps vision-driven entrepreneurs who struggle with how to organize their thoughts and goals into a comprehensive brand system.

She helps them to bring their vision to life by building a rock-solid brand foundation and creating clarity, so they can have consistent branding across all their channels and bring awareness to how they make the world a better place.

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